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Project Management

Ensuring the most effective Outcome for Your Project Budget


Every day we hear of project costs that have escalated or the project has been repeatedly delayed. Worse still, many projects leave their stakeholders dissatisfied as the project does not achieve the stated results. Could we do better? Certainly!


At the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of...


1. Project management basics
  • The concept of “Project Management”
  • Project life cycle
  • The project team

2. Initiating a project
  • Hypothesis Thinking
  • Needs assessment
  • Selecting a project
  • Objectives and goals setting
  • Project requirements

3. Project planning
  • Scope planning
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Schedule and cost planning
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Risk and contingency planning
  • Useful technology for project planning

4. Project monitoring, implementation and closure
  • The role of the project manager
  • Change and risk management
  • Performance reporting
  • Measuring project activities
  • The Learning Curve

5. Other project management approaches
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Process-based Management