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Problem Solving Skills

Tackle challenges with the Most Effective Approach


Senior executives are required to solve problems everyday – big or small – be it making decisions on the best investment opportunity or whether to increase the headcount. Your problem solving approach determines how effectively the company resources can be used.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of...


1. Problem finding and shaping
  • Defining a problem
  • “The Problem Framework”

2. Thinking patterns for efficient problem solving
  • Hypothesis Thinking
  • Conception Thinking
  • Structured Thinking
  • Convergence & Divergence Thinking
  • Time Order Thinking

3. Problem solving exercise – “The Hong Kong Hotel”

This is a group exercise in which the participants will be divided into four groups and will be given different roles.

In this exercise, they will understand how to solve a problem together and compromise on certain issues, based on the the different roles they have been given.

Each group will be given feedback by the facilitator on their performance.