Training Workshops

Marketing Strategy for SMEs

Growing your business through expanding your customer base by identifying niches and tapping into new markets


This workshop is specially designed for small and medium enterprises, with an aim to assist the companies to review their existing marketing strategy and establish new objectives and directions, in order to discover and tap into more businesses.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of...



1. Strategy
  • Consolidating customer intelligence
  • Understanding and Analyzing your company
  • Importance of communications
  • Boosting your bottom line

2. Promotion
  • Utilizing market intelligence
  • Reviewing your products and objectives
  • Analyzing the competitive environment
  • Reviewing the role of promotion in your company development

3. Channels
  • Understanding and analyzing different sales channels, and their competitive edges

4. Case Study
  • Real-life cases specially customized to suit the background of the participants

5. Administrative Support
  • Establishing effective communication mechanism to ensure seamless information exchange between production line and the market

6. Building Sales Channels
  • Planning and developing new sales channels to reach target customers

7. Sales Target and Budget
  • Comprehensive analysis of all available information to develop the most attractive market(s) in the most effective way

8. Market Expansion / Advertising / Product Support
  • Essential and useful tactics to expand existing markets and tap into new ones

9. Marketing Strategy
  • The facilitator will guide the participants to develop their own marketing strategy based on the learning in the previous sessions