Training Workshops

Global Marketing

Find markets for your business and products across the world


This workshop is designed to bring you in touch with the latest ideas in Global Marketing and will give you the opportunity to discuss those marketing ideas in relation to your business and products whilst in the training room, while you learn how to manage your own marketing plan.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of...


This workshop is an interactive session to help participants develop their own skeleton global marketing plan with assistance from lectures and facilitation from the speaker.



1. Presentation 1 – Understanding the participants and their companies

2. Formulating a marketing plan
  • Understanding the customers’ need
  • Answering the six fundamental questions of marketing – Customer / Product / Market / Competition / Service Requirements / Organisational Development
  • Case Studies

3. Facilitated Session – Starting a “Skeleton Marketing Plan”

The participants from similar industries will be put into a group. Through peer discussion and the facilitation of the speaker, the participants will formulate a “Skeleton Marketing Plan” for their company based on the six fundamental marketing questions outlined in session 2.

4. Turning high-level plan into actionable global marketing strategies and tactics
  • Compiling all plans and steps into an actionable master project schedule

5. Culture and Global Marketing
  • Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory
  • Marketing in the international context

6. Presentation 2 – Understanding the products and markets of the participants

The presentation will be evaluated by the facilitator and the other participants. There will be a facilitated discussion to review the various markets for the participants and how a global market plan can be drawn based on the learning from previous sessions.