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Change Management

Making change an opportunity to positively enhance productivity


As an inevitable result of the recent financial downturn, many corporations and organisations are undergoing different types of change – in some cases widespread, or downsizing, organisational restructuring, merger and acquisition, and so on. These changes in the structure and reporting lines also bring changes on an individual level – which can affect every employee in the organisation.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of...


1. Why change?
  • What is change and why change is necessary and unavoidable

2. How people react to changes in an organisation?
  • Why most people don’t like change
  • The human reaction to changes
  • How employees, middle management and top management interpret and react to change

3. Planning a change
  • What kind of change?
  • Creating a plan to handle current and future changes
  • Establishing an organisation that embraces changes
4. How to communicate and drive changes?
  • Getting buy in: tell them or sell them
  • Setting the stage for acceptance
  • How to involve stakeholders to drive changes

5. Dealing with resistance
  • 5 strategies to deal with change and manage stress
  • 6 “Weapons of influence” – Key of persuasion