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Customer Awareness
See Customer awareness – click here.

Market Intelligence
The sales force, the customer service team and all staff have opinions and information about products and services. This feedback, when gathered for appraisal and subsequently included in planning, can ensure that goals are met.

Reviewing Objectives
This needs to be a continuous activity, not a once a year ‘budget’ exercise. As situations and circumstances change, the organisation will need to support the activities of their front line staff.

Channels and Resources
Distributors, channel partners, agents and anyone who is within our ‘marketing channels’ will need to be supported in a variety of changing ways. Their prominence and their success will depend on the organisation’s ability to match opportunities to goals and objectives.

Continuous Sales Training
With every market change, there is also a customer change, and probably a competitive change. As the customer changes so should the sales approach. Your sales team will need to understand how to use the information regarding current changes to support their sales activities.

Priorities / Measurement
Without fully understanding the needs of the sales team and measuring those against the stated goals and recorded performance, it is difficult to truly maximise the success of the sales team.