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Latin America

appears to provide a land of opportunity for small to medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong.

Our latest research shows significant examples of viable opportunities for your business.

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Electrical Machinery Market

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Footwear Market

Precious Stones and Jewellery Market

Toys, Games and Sports Goods Market


Research is the basis of every consulting projects we deliver. Our full range of research services and solutions keep our clients abreast of the latest development, changes and market opportunities in their industries. With these valuable intelligence, our clients are able to make the best decisions for their business.

Some of our recently completed research projects include:

Executive Education Market in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta

A client of MMS was interested in entering the Executive Education market in Hong Kong and PRD. MMS prepared a detailed report presenting a competitive analysis of the market and the recommendations on the possible market niches that the client can focus on.

Doing Business in Emerging Markets - Latin America / Central & Eastern Europe / China's Second and Third-tier Cities

MMS has recently completed studies on the marketing essentials of doing business in emerging markets including Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, and China's second and third-tier cities.

Waste Management Study in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

MMS has recently completed a study for a client on the current status of legislation and its implementation on waste management, recycling, recovery and chemical policy, as well as the commercial prospects that can be identified in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Gas Industry in China

MMS has recently completed a study for a client on the current state of the gas industry in China, which included profiling the structure of PRC government in relation to gas and gas supply, competitive analysis of the industry, and reviewing the opportunities for providers in the LNG and LPG markets.

Residential Property Refurbishment Market in Singapore

MMS has recently completed a study for a client which reviewed historical residential property development in Singapore, identified the current and future commitments for refurbishment of the Governement and Housing Associations, and reported on business opportunities in the market.

Herbal Medicine Products Market in China

A client of MMS was interested in the market opportunities in the herbal medicine products wholesale market in China. MMS prepared a detailed report which reviewed the current market in China, reported on the possible wholesale channels, and identified 'franchise' model opportunities.