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Periodic Assessment

The so called ‘annual appraisal’ is an activity pursued in many organizations with a greater or lesser benefit. What we suggest to organizations is that individuals agree with their ‘customers’ what needs to be improved and then on a regular basis ask “how am I doing?” This can be a very valuable way of determining whether or not people and departments are functioning efficiently and increasingly effective within an organization.

The disadvantage in many organizations is that there is no forum for improvement, nor any process by which, this type of feedback can be sent or monitored. Your organization deserves to have such a channel as it will provide an effective method of benchmarking your current ‘customer satisfaction’ and then looking for ways to improve before the next measurement is taken.

Just as it is necessary to have a ‘customer service’ system for your external customer, think of how much more important it is for your ‘internal customers’. When a system like this is promoted and established within an organization it can provide a very effective method of stimulating team building.