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People Development

Customer Awareness
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Regardless of one’s position in an organisation, we all have an influence on our fellow workers. As a supervisor or manager we not only have an effect but will also have a responsibility to guide their colleagues – ensure that your managers/executives have a positive impact on your staff.

Periodic Assessment
Missing targets and being reminded of failure is no way to compete for business in today’s challenging world. The manager/the sales manager may make and take the opportunity to motivate the team or sales team to achieve higher and higher goals.

Selling is not about talking and telling the customer the price. It is about questioning, listening, probing and creating opportunities.

Benchmark Assessment
How will you benchmark your strategy… against whom? Our consultants can advise on the decision on how to assess, what to assess and the differentials.

Continuing Development
Each and every sales person needs to continually undergo continuing professional development to ensure that their skills are on the leading edge.