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Customer Awareness
See Customer awareness – click here.

Product Definition
Whether a doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, hotel or financial institution, it is necessary to define the product that is offered to the customer, and it is necessary to define it in ‘customer value’ terms.

Market Review
The type and nature of activities in a given market place will depend upon the features of that market. Geography, environment, social structure, financial infrastructure, Government activities will all affect the outcome of activities in a given market.

Competitive Analysis
Regardless of the business activity, there will always be a competitor. That competitor may have a similar product or an alternative solution. It is necessary to understand the competitors’ strategy and action plans accordingly.

Service Requirements
Every product (or service) requires a level of customer servicing. Servicing ranges from delivery, implementation, to maintenance, through repair, and customer satisfaction surveys. The levels of activity in these various areas will need to be decided.

Organisational Development
As any organization progresses towards becoming a ‘customer focused’ organization it will need to develop both within and outside. It will be necessary to support the ‘internal customers’ so they can service the ‘external’ ones.