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Business Development

Customer Awareness
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Marketing Reports
There are six written marketing reports that are the cornerstone of these business development activities.

It is these reports, which everyone in the organization needs to contribute to, both initially and during the year, as they will allow an organization to drive for success.

Segmentations / Forecast
Having completed the marketing reports, decisions can be made as to which of the market segments are preferred and most profitable.

Objectives and Strategy
Based on the segments and the forecast, it should be possible for an organization to identify sound objectives and put in place the various strategies necessary to achieve those objectives.

Tactical Action Plan
It is these tactical action plans which will allow an organization to most efficiently and most effectively achieve individual goals and corporate objectives.

Monitor / Measure / Best Practices
An organization will, in future, learn from its successes rather than it failures. As an organization, your organization, grows in this ‘business development’ approach so will the opportunities and the winners.