Marketing and Management Solutions

MandMS uses proven communications tools and marketing strategies, honed from our experience with many organisations, across a variety of industries in the Asian region, to first empower your internal customers to become well connected, which inevitably leads to the further satisfaction of your external customers.

All of these solutions are outlined in this website - by all means ask us for more details:

is a boutique consultancy and advisory organisation, based in Asia with office in Hong Kong, focusing on marketing and management.

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Our distinctive value is to provide our customers and clients with:

Integrated professional advice from business conception to execution, from the broad and general down to the detailed and practical work.

Implementation through functional plan development, change management, HR management, training, talent acquisition and development, and management outsourcing.

Tailored professional work, with clients able to select a totally integrated engagement and/or modular approaches to complete solutions to particular business issues, are well within our scope.